UKCRFN SMT Theme Lead for Facilitating Clinical Trials

Head of Research at Lancashire Teaching Hospital

Paul Brown is the Lead for Theme 2 of UKCRF Network ‘to coordinate and accelerate the delivery of trials through CRFs’ which is heavily focussed on collaboration between CRFs and Industry. He has been on the UKCRFN SMT for 7 years, initially to represent non-clinical CRF Managers. His substantive role is as Head of R&I at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals where aside from 5 large themed  teams, he oversees the NIHR Lancashire CRF. He is deputy chair of the NIHR North West Coast R&D Forum. He was previously Deputy Director/Operations Manager at NIHR/WT Manchester CRF for 14 years.His role in the UKCRF Network has included founding and oversight of the Costing and Sustainability Workstream with work on the NIHR Industry Costing template and link member to the IT work group. He led a piece of pilot work with NOCRI that became the Collaboration Workstream in 2016/17 and who’s success in facilitating signposting for industry collaborators has led to Theme 2 being embedded in the 2017-22 refresh.

Paul has also provided formal review and recruitment support to a number of developing and established research facilities across the UK and Ireland.