New UKCRF Network Portal

In March 2020 the UKCRF Hub was relaunched as the UKCRF Portal with the following upgrades:


  • simplified menu to let you quickly reach the information you need
  • more up-to-date documentation
  • new pages to keep you informed about advanced therapies, research awareness and communication tools


What is the UKCRFN Portal?

The Portal builds on our previous Network Hub to provide a simple and secure online platform to store and share documents including:


  • guidelines and tools e.g. study intensity tool & risk assessment
  • education and training guidelines e.g. induction framework, emergency scenarios and laboratory skills
  • job description templates
  • conference posters / presentations


A list of tools and guidelines developed by the Network and available on the Portal can be found here.

How to get access to the UKCRFN Portal

Please complete the contact form below to request access and you will receive log-in details that can be used to access the Portal. More details can be found in the video below or using our how to guide by clicking here.

Solving Error Messages

NHS Firewall

The UKCRF Network Portal is part of the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Hub and is built on Google technology. For this reason, staff in some NHS Trusts may experience firewall issues preventing access to the Portal. Should you experience issues accessing the Portal, please contact us using the contact form below.

404 Error

A small number of users may receive a 404 error message, which states that the browser cannot locate the Portal’s URL. This may happen for people who are already signed into another Google account. To resolve this issue:

  1. Visit the NIHR Hub website first and login using your NIHR login (if you do not have one please complete the ‘Portal request’ form below)
  2. Copy and paste the UKCRF Portal link into the same browser: (the link should now work)

Request Access to the Portal

To request access to the UKCRF Portal please complete the Google form below.

Click here to open the form in a new tab.