The UKCRF Network develop, support and share best practice for staff education, training and development to facilitate delivery of experimental medicine studies.

The Workforce Development Team work with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and the Clinical Research Network (CRN) to support the education, training and development of Clinical Research Facility (CRF) staff. By developing new resources and sharing best practice, the Network supports a highly skilled workforce who employ their skills to safely deliver experimental medicine studies in the NHS.

Work Package Activities

Identify, Prioritise and Deliver Training

Training workshops are delivered at our two-day Annual Conference and via online webinars to provide flexible and timely access to training.

Support NIHR Workforce Initiatives

We work with the NIHR on many of their workforce initiatives. Priority projects with the NIHR include:

Develop and Share Training Tools

Click here for the tools that have been developed by the Work Package to support CRF staff training.

If you would like to share your CRF training tools with the Network or request for a training to be developed please contact us by clicking here. All requests will be reviewed by the Workforce Development Work Package Leads and discussed at the relevant Work Package Group Meeting.

Jennifer Allison, Work Package Lead, presenting at the CRF Managers engagement session, July 2018

Workshop at the UKCRF Network Annual Conference in Glasgow, 2017

Work Package Groups

Work Package Groups are teams of expert individuals able to offer advice and guidance on their specialist areas. Each Group works to a set of goals that help the UKCRF Network achieve its main objectives.

The Workforce Development Work Package Groups are:

Education and Training Theme Group

Work Package Group Chair: Jo Merrifield, Edinburgh CRF

The Education and Training Work Group Group provides a forum where staff who lead on education and training in their CRF can collaborate, share expertise and develop new resources.

The Group have created guidance documents and training tools to support CRFs in training their staff. These documents are regularly reviewed and refined using feedback from CRFs. The group continues to contribute to and lead on projects derived from the Workforce Development Work Package strategic objectives.

Research Nurses and Practitioners Work Package Group

Group Chair: Gail Mills, NIHR Sheffield CRF
Group Deputy Chair: Goli McGinnell, NIHR Birmingham CRF

The Research Nurses and Practitioners Group provides support to adult and paediatric research nurses, advanced nurse practitioners and clinical research practitioners. The Group champions the identity and contribution of clinical research staff, who are highly valued within CRFs.

Through the development of standards and best practice guidance, the Group leads on the maintenance and improvement of patient experience and safety within research, and supports the Workforce Development strategic objectives. The Group also provides a forum where nursing staff and practitioners from various CRFs come together to share ideas and expertise.

Quality Assurance Work Package Group

Group Chair: James Gibson, Edinburgh CRF

The Quality Assurance (QA) Work Package Group supports collaborative working by sharing good practice and developing guidance documents and tools. The Group develops common QA systems in CRFs to support high quality, safe and compliant research practices across the Network.

The Group also provides a forum where staff who lead on QA in their CRF can discuss QA topics via group meetings, online forums and workshops. Through collaboration the QA Group encourages a culture of continual quality improvement in every CRF in the Network.

All Work Package Groups have developed guidance documents and tools for use within CRFs.  A full list of tools can be found on here and downloaded via the UKCRF Network Portal.

If you would like to join any of our Work Package Groups please contact us.

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Workforce Development Resources