CRF Unique Features

The UKCRF Network supports around 50 CRFs across the UK and Ireland.

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World-leading Research Capabilities

CRFs are centres of excellence that host the latest cutting-edge technology and bring together expertise in specific research fields. These dedicated centres enable industry to access expert researchers, who can advise on all aspects of study design and delivery. CRFs have been involved in some of the world’s most advanced medical innovations, transforming the lives of patients with a wide range of conditions.

Catalyst for Health and Wealth in the UK

CRFs bring together NHS, academic and industry expertise required to develop new medicines and technology. As well as providing infrastructure to deliver industry led studies, CRFs are supporting the health and wealth of the nation by facilitating the research of NHS and university spin-out companies.

Agile Infrastructure

CRFs provide purpose-built, dedicated and flexible space for research. CRFs adapt to meet the diverse needs of researchers and varying intensities of studies, always with a focus on the patient experience.

Safe and Quality Assured Environment

CRF staff undertake resuscitation and emergency scenario training to ensure they appropriately manage the complexity and risk associated with experimental studies. CRFs are strategically located close to Accident and Emergency facilities and intensive care units, with access to dedicated research aseptic units and pharmacies. CRFs provide the infrastructure to deliver a diverse range of studies, including those involving radiotherapy, gene and stem cell therapy.

Enabling Study Participation

CRFs provide the specialist facilities required to successfully deliver experimental research studies. Such studies can require collaboration across the UK, Ireland and beyond to bring the desired number of participants to designated study sites. Multi-disciplinary teams within CRFs are experienced in coordinating input across multiple agencies and research specialties to bring patients with complex medical needs and make the experience as comfortable as possible for families during studies which may last weeks, months or even years.

Managing Complex and Intensive Studies

Medical innovation requires a diverse range of expertise. CRFs are experienced in navigating and bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to efficiently deliver complex and intensive study protocols.