Study Intensity Tool Training

Do you need help predicting research workload?

The Study Intensity Tool is designed to assist with workforce planning. It measures activity of nursing, laboratory, imaging and other research activity and calculates research specific time for each group in whole time equivalents (WTE) – helping define which staff groups will be active on the study. The tool measures the intensity and complexity of each individual study visit for the entire study and aids prospective planning during study set up. It can also assist in the costing of trials and grant bids. New functionality has been added to version 13 based on user feedback, and there is now a paediatrics standalone version. We recommend that all staff undergo training before using the tool. You can learn more about the tool works and its benefits, read more on our blog post here.

The Study Intensity Tool (SIT) Online Training

Study Intensity Tool Training for Vaccination Studies

The Group have recorded a training video showing a demonstration of the tool using one of the national vaccination study protocols, as well a video introduction to the tool for new users.

You will need to register for the training in order to gain access to these videos. You can do this by completing the form at the bottom of our UKCRF Portal page.

If you already have access to the Portal you can email [email protected].

Study Intensity Tool Beginner Training

We run a monthly webinar to train staff on how to use the Study Intensity Tool using a validated study protocol and provide tips on how to input your own studies into the tool. Due to the pandemic the webinar has been pre-recorded and questions asked during the session will be emailed to the Intensity Group afterwards. Training is applicable to both adults and paediatrics and registration links can be found below:

Early Phase Teaching Sessions

CRFs are collaborating to provide joint early phase and experimental medicine teaching sessions every two weeks, aimed at a multidisciplinary audience.  The sessions are organised by NIHR Alder Hey CRF. All CRF staff across the Network are welcome to attend.

28th Oct - 3D printed medicines

  • 28th October, 12.30pm
  • Topic – 3D printed medicines
  • Delivered by Professor Matthew Peak, Alder Hey CRF
  • Using Microsoft Teams
  • To join email: [email protected]

11th Nov - Tissue Banks

  • 11th November, 12.30pm
  • Topic – Tissue Banks
  • Delivered by NIHR Exeter CRF
  • Using Microsoft Teams
  • To join email: [email protected]

25th Nov - What has the NIHR ever done for us?

  • 25th November, 12.30pm
  • Topic – What has the NIHR ever done for us?
  • Delivered by Professor Beresford, NIHR Alder Hey CRF
  • Using Microsoft Teams
  • To join email: [email protected]

Clinical Research Courses Online

The Edinburgh CRF Education Core provides a programme of education for individuals engaged in clinical research. Courses cover a wide variety subjects relating to planning and conducting research, collecting data, analysing data and communicating findings.

For a full list of online courses, dates and prices please visit

Advanced Therapy Education Webinar Series


Are you interested in learning more about cell and gene therapies – also known as advanced therapies?

Join experts from across the UK for a free webinar series on advanced therapy medical products (ATMPs). Each short presentation (~20 mins) will be followed with time for Q&A with the speaker.

Target audience: healthcare professionals and others interested in advanced therapies

20th Oct - What do I need to know about CAR T cancer therapies?

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Time: 04:00 PM British Summer Time

Duration: 45 minutes

Speaker: Adam Gibb, Clinical Research Fellow, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Click here to register

29th Oct - Institutional readiness: governance and operational considerations

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020

Time: 04:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Duration: 45 minutes

Speaker: Anne Black, Regional Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist Pharmacist for the North East & North Cumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Click here to register

10th Nov - Dosing considerations for ATMPs

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Time: 04:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Duration: 45 minutes

Speaker: Amisha Desai, Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Trials, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust


Selecting and describing doses for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) presents key differences to working with traditional pharmaceuticals. While traditional small or large molecule drugs usually illicit their activity and are then cleared by the in the body, cell and gene therapies may expand or proliferate after administration to exert their effects.

Cell-based therapies are considered as ‘living drugs’ and factors affecting treatment efficacy can include unknown identity of the active cell subset and variable transduction efficiency, cell viability and function.  For in vivo gene therapy doses may be based on unfamiliar characteristics such as vector titre, number of viral particles or vector genomes. This talk will introduce fundamental concepts around dosing of novel cell and gene therapies.

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10th Dec - Introduction to ATMP manufacturing

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Time: 04:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Duration: 1 hour

Speaker: Ivan Wall, Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing, Aston University

Summary: The production of novel advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) contrasts with established biomanufacturing processes for medicines that are synthetically derived (i.e. small molecule drugs) or proteins/peptides expressed by cellular systems (i.e. large molecule biopharmaceuticals). ATMPs present unique bioprocessing challenges such as limited scalability, variable quality of starting material and an inability to sterilize the final product. ATMP developers, clinical teams and patients rely on the provision of high-quality raw materials, effective logistics support, and validated, robust clinical manufacturing processes. This talk will provide a high level overview of how novel cell and gene therapies are produced and discuss some key manufacturing challenges.

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Clinical trial and quality management


These courses are available as stand-alone days. To obtain the maximum out of the course, we would recommend completing the full 3 day program.

Both courses are running online using Microsoft Teams.

For further enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Fundamentals of Trial Management

For developing trial managers and research staff seeking confidence in the running of CTIMPs, ATIMPs, Medical Device and Medical Technology trials.


  • Monday 26th October 10:00am – 4:00pm – Introduction to Trial Management
  • Tuesday 27th October 10:00am – 4:00pm – Fundamentals of Trial Management
  • Wednesday 28th October 10:00am – 4:00pm – Advanced Trial Management


Fundamentals of Quality Assurance

For developing trial managers and research staff seeking confidence in understanding how to fulfill Quality Assurance requirements for CTIMPs, ATIMPs,


  • Monday 9th November 10:00am – 4:00pm – Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Tuesday 10th November 10:00am – 4:00pm – Fundamentals of Quality Assurance
  • Wednesday 11th November 10:00am – 4:00pm – Advanced Quality Assurance


Course fees: 

  • Foundation Course (1 day) : £400
  • Advanced (3 days): £1200

Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments

Cancer Research UK’s free online course on targeted cancer treatments now open longer for you to join

Cancer Research UK is pleased to announce that we are keeping the current run of our free online course ‘Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments’ open so that learners can continue to join and benefit from its content.

The course has recently been brought right up-to-date to reflect the progress seen in this area of treatment over the last three years, with new educational content on PARP inhibitors, CDK inhibitors, CAR-T cell therapy and checkpoint inhibitors. Based on 2-3 hours’ learning per week, the course is structured over five weeks in bite-sized chunks so you can select what’s most relevant to you and dip in and out at your own pace. Discover the science behind targeted treatments and immunotherapies that are changing the landscape of cancer care through a variety of illustrated articles and videos from Elaine Vickers, expert interviews, patient case studies and quizzes.

As the course has been open for some time and given the current situation, it won’t be facilitated in the usual way, however, learners joining the course at this stage will still be able to benefit from all previous comments, answers to common questions and facilitation from the course’s expert educators, mentors and other learners, which can be found in the comments section of each step of the course.

Sign up here and start learning today:

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