The Public and Patient Involvement / Engagement Theme (PPI/E) Group provides a forum for Clinical Research Facility (CRF) PPI/E Leads to support initiatives, expand involvement with the Patient Research Ambassador programme and link with national groups such as INVOLVE.  

This page is designed for CRF staff and others in PPI/E roles. If you are a patient or member of the public you can find information about how to get involved in research by clicking here.

Theme Activities

Support PPI/E Leads

The PPI/E Theme Group provide CRF PPI/E Leads with guidance and support to deliver their local strategies.  For support, or to get involved with the PPI/E Theme Group, please contact us.

Provide Guidance, Training and Share Best Practice

PPI/E activities and tools are shared via CRF PPI/E Theme Group meetings, at the Network’s Annual Conference, and via this website, Portal and social media. The Group has also made ensured that PPI/E guidance is included in the UKCRF Induction Framework. We also provide annual reports to the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility.

Support CRFs with their PPI/E Strategy

CRFs are required as part of their NIHR contracts to develop and implement a PPI/E strategy. The PPI/E Theme Group identified a training need and requested funding from the CCF. PPI/E Theme Group members took part in a strategy writing workshop in September 2018.

If your CRF needs support writing a PPI/E strategy, please contact us.

Understand Patient and Public Research Experiences

We undertake activities to better understand the experiences of patients and the public to inform the research pathway and service delivery.

The PPI/E Theme Group recently carried out its second Public Research Awareness Survey involving 20 CRFs collecting over 2400 responses. Findings of this survey can be viewed here.

Promote the Research Champion Initiative

The PPI/E Theme Group supports CRFs with the Research Champion initivite (which has replced the Patient Research Ambassador initiative). The aim of Research Champions is to encourage the involvement of patients, the public and NHS researchers in recognising the importance of research in delivering health care. For more information visit the official website.

Collaborate with the National PPIE Infrastructure

The PPI/E Theme Group have developed a relationship with INVOLVE, a national advisory group that brings together expertise, insight and experience in the field of public involvement in research. For more information on INVOLVE, visit their website. 

The PPI/E Theme Group has worked with the INVOLVE Learning and Development Group lead by Martin Lodemore to produce induction information for researchers, public and staff new to PPI/E roles.

INVOLVE have shared their PPI/E Activity Report Form with our PPI/E Theme Group. The Report Form enables PPI/E officers to map their activities to INVOLVE standards. It is recommended that the form is used by CRFs to help PPI/E leads map their activities and progress.

PPI/E Group

We have put together a PPI/E group to support PPI/E leads, disseminate information and to help progress with our objectives.

A distribution list of PPI/E leads is used for communication and we store shared resources online for members to access.

If you are a PPI/E lead and would like to join this group please contact us by clicking here.

PPI/E Resources

The below links lead to external websites.

NIHR PPIE Resources
NIHR PPI/E Handbook for Researchers


Support PPI Activity in your CRF

  • Identify staff to help / lead / deliver on specific pieces of work
  • Disseminate information from the PPI/E Theme Group
  • Keep the PPI/E Theme Group informed of newly appointed PPI/E Leads so that support can be offered and information shared