The UKCRF Network provide a gateway for research funders to access cutting edge Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) across the UK and Ireland.

The Network collates Clinical Research Facility (CRF) capacity and capability information and works with stakeholders to promote CRFs as an integrated national platform for the delivery of high intensity experimental medicine studies to research funders.

If you are a research funder please visit our Industry page to submit information requests regarding potential studies or see our Clinical Research Facility page to learn about their unique features. 

Work Package Activities

Database of CRF Capabilities

The UKCRF Network holds a comprehensive database of capability, areas of expertise and contact details for each CRF. This information is used to direct funders enquiries to relevant expertise at CRF sites.

Signpost Industry Enquiries

In collaboration with NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI) and the Clinical Research Network (CRN), industry enquiries are signposted by the UKCRF Network. Potential funders of research can visit the Industry page to see how the Network achieves this and to contact us regarding potential studies.

WP2 Steering Group, March 2019

Working Groups

Work Package Groups comprise teams of expert individuals able to offer advice and guidance on their specialist areas, helping the UKCRF Network to achieve its objectives in supporting CRFs and potential Industry partners. For the Strategic Leadership Work Package, the Groups are:

Information Management and Technology Working Group

Group Chair: Gareth Adaway, NIHR Manchester CRF

The Information Management and Technology (IM&T) Working Group shares ideas and expertise related to Information Systems Developments; emerging software technology, and Data and Information Management.  Activities include considering cross-site IM&T developments, the use of commonly developed systems and making IT recommendations to CRF Senior Management.

Industry Liaison Working Group

Group Co- Chair: Helen Morriss

Experimental Medicine Operations Manager at NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility

Group Co- Chair: Colette Inkson

Innovation and Partnerships Lead at NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility

Details about the Working Groups can be found on the UKCRF Network Portal.

If you would like to join any of our Work Package Groups please contact us.

Work Package resources

The UKCRF Network recommend the use of the NIHR Industry Costing Template for commercial studies and the UKCRF Network Study Intensity Tool for costing non-commercial studies run in CRFs.

NIHR Interactive Costing Tool (iCT)
NIHR SoCAT Guidelines & Templates (excess treatment costs)
UKCRF Network Study Intensity Tool