to the UK Clinical Research Facility Network

UK Clinical Research Facilities Network
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We hope this will provide information on the UKCRF Network to individuals working in research across the UK and we invite you to join us. We are keen to see the Network continue to grow, and expand activities in response to the needs of its membership.

Who We Are

Led by a Senior Management Team (SMT), the Network was awarded competitive funding in 2007. Our aim is to identify, develop and share systems for the delivery and management of operational activities across the UK clinical research and experimental medicine infrastructure including:

  • Sharing and dissemination of good practice
  • Creating a support network for existing and new CRFs, BRUs and BRCs
  • Developing and facilitating key, relevant projects known as Work Streams

CRF Brochure

Download the new CRF Brochure for an insight into how clinical research facilities (CRFs) support an expert workforce, create wealth, demonstrate an agile infrastructure and can power innovation in diagnostics and revolutionising treatments to improve patientsí lives.

Visit the new UKCRF Network Hub Site at http://ukcrfn.nihr.ac.uk - for a username and password see Contacts.