23 02 2024


International Nurses visit Clinical Research Facilities

“The agenda was well organized and time well spent on all specialty areas.  The organizers did an amazing job and the flow of program content was phenomenal! I love that I was able to see and meet staff from different research areas and the showcase of work that was accomplished there”

In July 2023, in collaboration with the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN) we invited 7 nurses from across the globe to join us in the UK.

As part of this visit, our international colleagues would be able to network with CRF staff and share best practice.

The study visit consisted of:

  • A two day visit to a CRF (host locations were NIHR Cambridge CRF, NIHR Great Ormond Street Hospital, NIHR Guys and St Thomas’ CRF, NIHR Imperial CRF, NIHR Leicester CRF, and Wellcome-HRB CRF at St. James’s Hospital in Dublin, across a wide range of specialties).
  • Attendance at  the 2023 UKCRF Network conference in Nottingham, with the opportunity to hear high profile speakers and participate in interactive workshops
  • Attendance at  a private dinner  with CRF leaders.
  • Attendance at the Gala conference dinner
  • Participation in an international nurses Summer School session

The objectives of the study visit were:

  • To improve understanding of alternate approaches to clinical research delivery
  • To identify opportunities to share and network best practice
  • To share findings using a range of media

What did our international colleagues have to say?

Once the study visit was complete we surveyed the international nurses and their CRF hosts. 

When asked what aspect of the trip the nurses found most valuable they said:

“We completed units, observing interactions and deep-diving into technology, shared communication, departmental integration and current initiatives”

“Their facility was amazing. We loved learning about their processes and goals for the future of research.”

The international nurses also rated the overall benefits of the study visit and how it contributed to their professional development and knowledge.

“In research, you can feel very isolated from other CRFs. It was great to understand what they excel in and what they struggle in, many of which we do also.”

It was well worth it! Meeting research nurses in the UKCRF definitely made me appreciate my specialty more. I also witnessed the active engagement of research nurses in promoting quality research through education.

Our CRF hosts also voiced their praise for the visit, stating that the nurses integrated well, contributed positively and gave unique insights into different ways of working.

It was valuable to “Understand the same challenges we encounter in the delivery of clinical trials and that it is possible to bring clinical trials into a different community”

“It was an extra bonus that they came to the conference. It was nice to see them again then.”

“Thank you, this is a great program”

Could you host an international nurse?

If you would be interested in becoming a host for the 2024 IACRN study visits, then please let us know by emailing [email protected].

We will be opening expressions of interest for this years study visit in the next month, so keep an eye on your emails.

A big thank you to our UKCRF colleagues who contributed to the 2023 study visits and Jennifer Allison for spearheading the project.