• Early Phase:
    Early phase refers to the initial stages of a research study or clinical trial where a new treatment, drug, or medical intervention is tested on a small number of people for the first time. These studies focus on checking if the treatment is safe and finding the right dosage. Early phase trials help determine if the new approach is feasible before larger studies are conducted.
  • Experimental Medicine:
    Experimental medicine is a field of study that investigates new treatments or medical interventions to understand diseases better and develop new ways to care for patients. It involves conducting controlled experiments, often with human participants, to collect data and check if new medical interventions are safe and effective.
  • Expression of Interest request:
    Expression of Interest (EOI) request, in the context of clinical research, is a formal process used by industry companies or other research funders to gather initial information on the interest and availability of potential investigators or research institutions for delivery of a specific clinical trial. The EOI allows industry companies or research funders to identify potential partners who are interested in conducting the research and have the necessary expertise and resources.
  • High intensity (research studies):
    High intensity in research studies means conducting investigations that require focused and intensive efforts to gather data. These studies often have tight timelines and involve activities like recruiting participants, collecting data, analysing it, and making conclusions. The term “high intensity” highlights the demanding nature of the research process, where researchers work hard to achieve their goals within a limited time.
  • Infrastructure (research):
    In research, infrastructure refers to the physical, organisational, and technological resources needed to support scientific investigations and advance knowledge. It includes research facilities, laboratoriess, equipment, databases, computers, and other resources that help researchers carry out their studies effectively. Research infrastructure promotes collaboration, innovation, and the efficient execution of research projects.
  • Translational Research:
    Translational research is the process of applying scientific discoveries made in the lab to practical use in healthcare. It involves turning promising findings from basic research into new tools, treatments, or interventions that directly benefit patients. Translational research aims to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and improved patient care.