23 09 2022


NIHR CRN CC Updates – Summer 2022

Updates provided by NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre
(NIHR CRN CC) for the UKCRF Network

Submitted 22nd August 2022, and published September 2022

Clinical Research Practitioners

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) work in research delivery roles that involve direct contact with study participants. CRPs are now identified as an occupational group in health and care in the UK by the UK Professional Standards Authority (PSA). In the face of both high demand for delivery of research and significant workforce challenges, CRPs have been identified as part of the current strategic solution to strengthen the UK’s research delivery workforce.

  • The CRP Accredited Registration is part of the UK-wide NIHR Programme for Growth and Development of CRPs.
  • To learn more and keep up to date with the CRP Registration, please follow the link to the CRP website and the latest CRP Bulletin.

Impact of ICBs on ETC Payments

The Integrated Care Boards (Establishment) Order 2022 came into effect on 1 July 2022, and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) ceased to exist. The NIHR CRNCC has received confirmation from NHS England that the implementation of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will not impact the current national ETC payment service throughout the 2022/23 financial year.

All existing contractual arrangements held by CCGs, including their bank accounts, will continue until the end of the current financial year. Therefore LCRN Host Organisations can be reassured that any existing LCRN sub-contracts signed by CCGs are therefore still valid for this financial year. If a contract is not yet in place between the LCRN Host Organisation and the relevant CCG organisation that is due an ETC payment, the LCRN Host Organisation will contract with the ICB instead.

NIHR Learn Insights for July is now available.

In this instalment we will be continuing the conversation around professional identity and what this means for both individuals and those who support them in a variety of organisations and care settings. You can view all instalments from March 2021 to July 2022 on NIHR Learn.

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The NIHR's annual statistics highlight sustained public enthusiasm for participating in research

The NIHR CRN published their annual statistics in July. They showed that research participation levels remain at remarkably high levels, following an unprecedented period in research history. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved in the incredible successes over the last year. View a summary of the NIHR CRN’s key achievements.

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NIHR MOOCS (free to access online courses)

The first course is ‘What is health research?’. It is a basic introduction to what health research is and covers different topics that anyone new to research may find interesting and informative.

The second course is ‘Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research’. This course goes into more details about Clinical Research and the process of discovery.

Improving security for Identity Gateway (IDG) cloud services

In September, stronger password and cyber-security rules will be implemented for all cloudbased systems accessed via the Identity Gateway. This includes the NIHR CPMS, CRN Finance Tool, Open Data Platform (ODP), and NIHR Learn. Some HRA systems are also affected (IRAS, E-Submission of Amendments, Online REC Booking). A mandatory password change will be enforced to ensure adherence to these new rules. Find out more: https://sites.google.com/nihr.ac.uk/crncc-policies/idg/idg-news

Please direct any questions/queries to [email protected]

The NIHR's 'Summer of Learning' webinars

The NIHR has been running a summer of online learning webinars aimed at NIHR staff and the research community to support leadership and management development. Three 30-minute pre-recorded webinars will be premiered on the NIHRtv YouTube channel. Viewers will get live responses to their questions and can also watch the play back after the webinar dates below. Find out more:

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