Theme Group Activities

Provides a Forum for Discussion and Support

The group provides a forum where staff who lead on education & training in their CRF can share ideas and expertise.  The group supports the training and develop of all roles and professions in our CRFs.

Collaborate with NIHR Groups and Initiatives

The group liaises with relevant organisations such as the NIHR Clinical Research Network to ensure that the work of the group is up to date and compliments other national initiatives.

Develop and Promote Training Documents

The group have developed several training documents to support the training needs of CRF staff. A list of these tools can be found below.

Training Guidance and Tools

The Education and Training Group have created guidance documents and training tools to support CRFs with training their staff. These documents are regularly reviewed and refined using feedback from CRFs. The group continues to contribute to and lead on projects derived from the Workforce Development Theme strategic objectives.

All guidance documents and tools developed by the Education and Training Group can be downloaded via the UKCRFN hub.

Induction Framework

The Induction Framework has been designed to help staff working in Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) develop a comprehensive induction programme for new starters. The framework is based on best practice from a number of established CRFs.

This framework recommends a format for induction and is designed so that it can be adapted to meet local needs. It can be used for all potential research roles carried out by staff engaged in the conduct of clinical research. It identifies key areas and themes that should be covered within the first three months of a new employee being in post, all or some of which will be applicable depending on the individual role. It is envisaged that the induction process includes engaging staff in local (or national) competency frameworks which are designed to support their learning and development more specific to their role.

Emergency Scenario Training Guidance Document

The document is used by CRFs to help plan emergency scenario training sessions and demonstrate compliance with MHRA safety requirements.

The group undertook several scoping exercises to collect information on current training for clinical emergencies in CRFs throughout the UK. The results of the surveys, the recommendations from the MHRA (2007, 2012) and guidelines issued by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI, 2007 and 2012) are all reflected in this document.

Competency Assessment Template

Our template provides a recommended structure suitable to be populated by staff who need to write a competency assessment for a given activity in clinical research.

Informed Consent Competency Assessment

The Informed Consent Competency Assessment is a tool that can be utilised by research staff conducting clinical research. The purpose is to provide a recommended structure to ensure that all staff receiving valid informed consent from research patients and participants are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary skills. The structure may be adapted to meet local needs.

Staff should check their Trust’s guidance on who can receive informed consent before undertaking this competency.

Group Membership

If you are involved with CRF training and development and would like to join this group please contact us by clicking here.

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